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4 Things You Shouldn't Ignore While Hiring Child Custody Attorney in Orange County
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4 Things You Shouldn’t Ignore While Hiring Child Custody Attorney in Orange County

Child custody cases are never easy especially when both the parents aren’t willing to amicably settle the issue themselves. Since these cases involve an emotional angle apart from the legal one, the legal system takes into account a number of things before granting custody of the child to either of the parents. If you are planning to separate from your spouse and want to settle the custody of the child in his/her best interest you need to hire a seasoned child custody attorney in Orange County. To find the best attorney here are four things that you shouldn’t ignore at all costs.

  • The Attorney’s Experience – First things first, never equate experience with the number of years the attorney has practice. This is a flawed approach and may guide you to a lawyer who may not have sufficient expertise under his/her belt to protect your interests in a child custody case. Do some background research on the lawyer’s track record and ask him/her how many cases have they deal with in the last two years and what has been the outcome.
  • Opt for Local Attorney–Your child custody attorney needs to be accessible and this is where it is wise to hire a local attorney. The attorney should always be willing to sit with you and discuss the progress of your case and hiring someone who stays far away or in a different city altogether poses serious problems. Also a local attorney would be well versed with the State laws which are important in any legal matter.
  • Know The Fee Structure – Since child custody is an emotive issue attorneys tend to charge you hefty fee for handling your case. This is why it is important for you to decide on the fee and payment before you engage them in your case. Also this ensures you get the best legal advice and representation for the fee you would pay the attorney.
  • Go By Your Instincts – In a place such as Orange County where there so many lawyers and law firms you may often be in dilemma. It becomes complicated when you have advice pouring in from your friends and loved ones. It is here that you need to go by your instincts. When you meet an attorney, you should immediately feel confidence and connect with him or her. If this is missing you need to knock someone else’s door.

These four things kept in mind will help you find the right attorney for child custody in Orange County. In fact they remain the same if you are planning to hire auto accident attorneys in Orange County or legal professionals who specialize in a different field.

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